Cell culture vessel, cell culturing apparatus, and cell culturing method

Zellkulturgefäss, zellkultivierungsvorrichtung und zellkulturierungsverfahren

Récipient et appareil de culture cellulaire et procédé de mise en culture de cellules


In order to determine the culturing state of cells in a culture vessel in a simple manner at an appropriate timing without removing the culture vessel from the culturing apparatus, a cell culturing apparatus includes a culturing chamber (9) that accommodates a culture vessel (2), which can accommodate cells (100) in the interior thereof, and that maintains a predetermined temperature and humidity; a touchscreen sensor (13) that is disposed inside the culturing chamber (9) on a mounting surface (10), on which the culture vessel (2) is placed, and that is brought into tight contact with an external surface of a bottom (8) of the culture vessel (2); and an output portion (12) that exports an output from the touchscreen sensor (13) to the exterior of the culturing chamber (9).




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