Vegetation cutting tool

Outil de découpe de végétaux


The present invention relates to a vegetation cutting tool (10). In particular, the present invention relates to a powered vegetation cutting tool and more particularly to a linkage mechanism for a powered vegetation cutting tool. We describe a vegetation cuffing tool comprising a cutting head (14), a motor (24) and transmission means (25) drivable by the motor. The cutting head includes first and second cutter members (15,20) having respective cuffing surfaces (23,54), wherein the first cutter member (15) is pivotably mounted with respect to the second cutter member (20). Additionally, at least the first cuter member (15) is drivable by the transmission means (25) between a first angular position with respect to the second cutter member (20), in which a space is formed between the respective cutting surfaces, and a second angular position with respect to the second cutter member (20), in which the space between the respective cuffing surfaces is closed. The transmission means (25) also comprises an engagement means (40) associated with the first cutter member (15), and a crank (30) drivable between defined first and second angular crank positions corresponding to the first and second angular positions, in which the crank (30) is operatively coupled to the engagement means (40) by a link (34).




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