Snap -action connection , sunroof and car



The utility model provides a snap -action connection, sunroof and car, wherein, snap -action connection includes the supporting part and formed at the supporting part both sides, and the dop of symmetric distribution, and dop top -down is the toper, and the dop includes dop post and at least one elastic component that extends formed at dop capital end towards the supporting part, first clearance has between elastic component end and the supporting part surface, the supporting part is coaxial with the dop post, the elastic expansion direction perpendicular to supporting part of elastic component and/or the axis direction of dop, so that the dop penetrate treat joint spare after, will treat that joint spare card is in first clearance. Thereby through snap -action connection symmetrical structure's dop, link together two independent joint spares of treating through symmetrical dop, for example: sunroof is connected to a dop, and the lamina tecti panel beating is connected to a dop to may not use any instrument just to connect both, skilled worker's easy to assemble installation is operated, thereby improves automobile assembling efficiency.




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