Can convertible cylinder rubbing crusher


  • Inventors: XU TAO
  • Assignees: 徐涛
  • Publication Date: December 09, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204841891-U


The utility model discloses a can convertible cylinder rubbing crusher, which comprises a frame, be equipped with the cylinder in the frame, the cylinder sets up on rotary drum base, the one end of base with hinged rack, the other end are equipped with hydraulic pressure upset hydro -cylinder, the cylinder upper end is equipped with the charge door, and the lower extreme is equipped with lou expects the mouth, it is equipped with the carding to leak a material mouthful department, the carding is fixed the bottom of cylinder, for a plurality of strip arc structures, the radian with the crushing roller radian is corresponding, the carding below is equipped with to smash changes the roller, the utility model has the advantages of: not only be convenient for remove, the folding transportation of being convenient for, the feed is convenient, reduces the amount of labour used, reduces workman intensity of labour, saves time moreover, and comminuted ability is good, has improved work efficiency, working method flexible and diverse, strong adaptability, with low costs, easy maintenance has realized in the mechanized production on a large scale of this field.




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