Quick laborsaving life buoy


  • Inventors: WANG GAOLE
  • Assignees: 王高乐
  • Publication Date: December 02, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204822033-U


The utility model belongs to the technical field of the life preserver, specificly relate to a quick laborsaving life buoy. This kind of quick laborsaving life buoy, including the life buoy body, its characterized in that is provided with the propeller in the bilateral symmetry of life buoy body, and the front end of this propeller is the taper, is equipped with the vortex runner in the rear end of propeller, the propeller embeds there is the battery compartment, be equipped with waterproof coating and switch in the outside of propeller. This life buoy not only can provide prorsad motive force for the user provides buoyancy in addition, has saved physical power greatly for the user.




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