Coal conveyor


  • Inventors: BIAN YUEQING
  • Assignees: 边悦庆
  • Publication Date: November 25, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204802595-U


The utility model provides a coal conveyor, the conveyer belt drive wheel is installed on driving motor, the top at the support post is installed from the driving wheel to the conveyer belt, the conveyer belt divides the driving cone setting and follows between the driving wheel at conveyer belt drive wheel and conveyer belt, the conveyer belt is installed at the conveyer belt drive wheel, the conveyer belt divides that driving cone and conveyer belt are driven to take turns to, set up the coal fill directly over the conveyer belt drive wheel, the coal welding installation piece on inside left side wall and the right side wall of fighting, coal carries quantitative board to install on the installation piece through the activity hinge, ration board adjusting bolt passes through screw -thread fit and installs on coal fill lateral wall, the left side in coal fill lateral wall bottom is installed through the activity hinge to the leak protection board, the conveying with vibration board is installed on the support post of driving wheel below is followed to the conveyer belt through the activity hinge, the loading board is installed on the support post of conveying with vibration board below, the vibration electro -magnet is fixed on the loading board, the utility model discloses it designs scientific and reasonable, and the structure is formed simply, convenient to use.




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