Exhaust structure of integration board heat preservation system



Exhaust structure of integration board heat preservation system, including installing the core vent in integration heated board cross department, the core vent comprises integrated into one piece's base and blast pipe, and the blast pipe is normal bend, and the one end and the base of return bend meet, and the other end and the perpendicular to the ground of return bend are equipped with waterproof ventilated membrane in the return bend. Waterproof ventilated membrane passes through ring type seal to be fixed in the return bend, and ventilative one side is inside, and air -locked one side is outside. The utility model discloses use elasticity rubber seal's the power that rises to fix waterproof ventilated membrane in the core vent, waterproof ventilated membrane is made for the fibre material, and only outside exhaust is not inwards admitted air, and the moisture in the heat preservation system that effectively will unify is discharged, and the protection heat preservation is not ballooning, reinforcing heat preservation effect.




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