Phone's frame feeder



The utility model relates to a phone's frame feeder for add work material to providing phone's frame in the die casting machine, include: storage mechanism has a storage space, and the storage space both ends are established the entry respectively and are exported, storage space is used for placing a plurality of phone's frame and adds work material, the entry supplies phone's frame to add the work material business turn over respectively with the export storage space, heating mechanism has a hot plate, is used for placing one phone's frame adds work material and heats it, the transmission mechanism is including a push pedal for add the phone's frame in the storage mechanism during work material pushes heating mechanism in proper order, positioning mechanism for the phone's frame of location in heating the mechanism adds work material, and feeding means, including an extracting jaw claw for phone's frame after will heating adds work material and snatchs and place in the die casting machine. It preheats to add work material through automatic feed to can realize the material of getting in the die casting machine mould, the blowing, the labour is saved to safety.




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