Sugarcane shells leaf cargo airplane



The utility model provides a sugarcane shells leaf cargo airplane. Its characteristics shell the slant of leaf case to install in the chassis, the high structure in low back before forming, its sugarcane mouth towards the collection sugarcane case at rear, the engine is located the front end on chassis, and the AND operation room is located same position, and the leaf machine is shelled through the drive mechanism that the belt pulley drove including clutch main shaft, universal joint with the power input to its output, and the drive is shelled the leaf mechanic and is done, the box of collection sugarcane case for enclosing including backplate, left baffle, right baffle and bottom plate, be provided with transparent baffle at the control chamber pilot set near shelling leaf case play sugarcane mouth one side to it shells the leaf effect and prevents that the sugarcane from flying to driver one side to observe the sugarcane, shell the defoliation board that the relative department with transparent baffle of leaf case play sugarcane mouth was provided with flip structure. Its advantage is feeding, shell the leaf and collecting the sugarcane and can go on simultaneously of sugarcane, has improved the efficiency of cane harvesting machine tool, about one ton sugarcane can be collected to collection sugarcane case to carry the assigned position with the sugarcane, solved sugarcane collection, the difficult problem of field transport.




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