Main intelligent ventilation system who becomes room total heat exchange



The utility model relates to a main intelligent ventilation system who becomes room total heat exchange, its characterized in that: including the air -supply line and the subsystem of airing exhaust, the air -supply line sets up in the transformer below, and the air -supply line has at least one import and two branches' exports, is equipped with the air inlet window in the wall lower part that the owner becomes the room, the import and the air inlet window intercommunication of air -supply line, two branch's exports of air -supply line face the bottom of transformer both sides radiator respectively up, the sub - system configuration that airs exhaust is becoming roof portion main, and the subsystem of airing exhaust will mainly turn indoor air escape to outdoor. The utility model relates to a rationally, can realize the main heat dissipation cooling that becomes the room high -efficiently, improve the service condition of transformer, reduce its trouble probability, improve the security and the reliability of transformer operation, can realize the intelligent control of fan rotational speed again, the energy saving.




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