Quick unloading bag clamping device of bentonite



The utility model discloses a quick unloading bag clamping device of bentonite, include feed bin down, the discharge gate of feed bin lower extreme is connected with down feed cylinder, its characterized in that down: down the mount is respectively installed to the both sides of feed cylinder, and the below fixed mounting of mount has the support, and the bottom of support is connected with the cylinder, is provided with the piston rod on the cylinder, and the terminal surface of piston rod is fixed with the briquetting, and the bottom of lower feed cylinder is fixed with annular recessed blocks, annular recessed blocks with the briquetting closely cooperates, installs the motor between the mount of lower feed cylinder one side and the cylinder, and the pivot is installed to lower feed cylinder internal rotation, installs the impeller in the pivot, and the one end of pivot is stretched out down the feed cylinder and is connected with motor drive. The utility model discloses simple structure can replace manual operation, and the work that can accomplish the bagging -off fast, trade the bag drives the bentonite powder material through the impeller and carries out quick steady unloading, has prevented the emergence of discharge gate department putty phenomenon effectively, has practiced thrift the manpower, has improved work efficiency.




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