PE pipe material, mandrel heat sink



The utility model belongs to the technical field of the cooling of PE pipe material, specifically a PE pipe material, mandrel heat sink. The utility model discloses a take die head, convulsions tuber pipe, the convulsions fan in wind channel, the take die head in wind channel and convulsions tuber pipe be connected, the convulsions tuber pipe stretches out, its outside is provided with the convulsions fan, the convulsions tuber pipe be connected with three convulsions fans at least. The utility model discloses a reform transform the inner wall structure of extrusion equipment die head, equipment forms the wind channel with the product inside of production. Increase the convulsions motor at the die head afterbody, let the air flow fast to die head afterbody direction from the product end of production is inside. Combine outer tank cold water spray cooling, make the product obtain in external synchronization cooling, crystallization, avoided the product the that time wire -electrode cutting is later port shrink phenomenon to appear. Additionally, the utility model discloses simple structure, the practicality is strong, the multifunctional digital perpetual calendar is suitable for popularization and use in related technical field.




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