But roll adjustment sprayer



The utility model relates to a but roll adjustment sprayer, it includes: the case of sprayer, its upper portion is equipped with the pan feeding mouth, and the lower part is equipped with the mixing chamber, the nozzle connecting pipe, its outside is equipped with the screw thread to with the case of sprayer spiro union, and the one of which end position in the mixing chamber inside, the other end is located the mixing chamber outside, the nozzle, its spiro union in the nozzle connecting pipe be located the inside one end of mixing chamber, compression pipe, the case of sprayer spiro union in its one end and nozzle the place ahead, and the compression pipe with nozzle, nozzle connecting pipe be located same central line, and the expansion pipe, its one end rigid coupling in the other end of compression pipe. The utility model discloses simple structure can make the wearing and tearing subassembly of sprayer change easily, and easy maintenance, each subassembly easily dismantle and adjust to when using mobile not good material, make the working process go on smoothly through the adjusting part.




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