Spout glued membrane surface powder device



The utility model discloses a spout glued membrane surface powder device, including spouting glued membrane production conveyer belt, be equipped with the cylinder that the slope was placed in the conveyer belt top, the direction of delivery of the axial lead perpendicular to conveyer belt of cylinder, the cavity of inside the drum for holding cuttings is covered with the powder hole on the circumference surface of cylinder, the cylinder both ends are through fixing on the support through pivot an and pivot b respectively, and cylinder, pivot an and pivot b's axial lead coincides, and pivot a lies in the higher one side of cylinder, and pivot an is the cavity tubulose, the lower one end and inside the drum intercommunication of pivot a, and the pivot an other end passes through the bottom intercommunication of a conveyer pipe and a flourishing powder box. The utility model discloses can carry out the powder operation on the surface of spouting the glued membrane, it is more pleasing to the eye that the glued membrane surface is spouted to the messenger, adds the festive air. The utility model discloses a high pressure air duct is carried high -pressure gas in to the cylinder, both can be with containing in cuttings in the powder box inhales the cylinder, can outwards blow off the cuttings in the cylinder through the powder hole again, and prevent to block up.




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