Portable flat screen television



The utility model discloses a portable flat screen television, including power plug, flat screen television main part and TV base, power plug passes through the wire and is connected with the TV base, be provided with loudspeaker and charger in the TV base, install the flat screen television main part on the TV base, flat screen television main part upper portion is provided with the handle, handle place plane is 30 -70 degree angle with the display screen plane of flat screen television main part, is provided with chargeable call in the flat screen television main part, chargeable call is connected with the charger cooperation, be provided with switch on flat screen television main part and the TV base respectively. The utility model discloses can make the TV set can reach equally to put with ordinary TV and use at home, conveniently carry simultaneously, can watch TV by anytime and anywhere, convenient travel is used, and convenient to use uses in a flexible way.




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