Sealing structure



The utility model provides a sealing structure, includes: one pops out the piece, should pop out an one end opening and establish an output tube qieyu and should pop out the radial surface of central authorities and establish a ring convex part, embolias a neck cover by this output tube, and this neck cover is established axial perforation bottom and be the portion of registrating cover and locate this output tube, and supports to lean on and encircle the convex part in this, and this neck overlaps bottom and should pop out the cyclic annular flexible glue of establishing a secondary between the piece and moulding plastics, the other end that should pop out corresponding this output tube is a pole body, and an elastic element is established to this pole body cover, one scribbles and turns round, should scribble the headgear and locate this output tube, an axial blind hole is established to a lid, this lid and an internal thread is established to the opening part, and a step is established with inside this axial blind hole handing -over department to this internal thread, by this, compress tightly or compel tight this ring -type flexible glue via this step, reach this and scribble the sealed effect of turning round.




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