Special authentication equipment shell of private network



The utility model provides a special authentication equipment shell of private network, authentication equipment shell be circular, the maximize space utilization, the equipment of the same length, more devices can be placed to circular shape N b board, have consequently reduced the thickness of equipment, the export of earphone socket is only reserved in surperficial all standing, and heat radiation region all can be regarded as to the shell positive and negative, compares the shell with other shapes of length, the maximize heat radiating area, the shell does not have liquid crystal display, has reduced the stand -by power consumption. The utility model discloses a circular shape package design reduces the thickness of equipment, has increased the portability, the design of no LCD screen has reduced the probability of authentication information leakage, has reduced the stand -by power consumption of equipment, the circular shape surface can form specific intaglio pattern according to user's needs, plays the individual character recognition. The screw locating hole adopts triangle -shaped to arrange, has not only guaranteed the dough stability but also facilitate the upper and lower position of confirming N the b board when assembling.




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