Automotive interior buckle



The utility model relates to an automotive interior buckle, include that base and buckle body still include the connecting plate, buckle body fixed connection is at the connecting plate up end, base fixed connection is under the connecting plate on the terminal surface, the base side view is annular, the base lower extreme is equipped with the bayonet socket that open side down, the bayonet socket still is equipped with the bayonet socket border, the buckle body is hollow cylindricality structure, be equipped with vertical direction through-hole I on the buckle body, the buckle body still is equipped with the through-hole II of horizontal direction, be equipped with two anticreep archs in the through-hole II, the anticreep is protruding follows buckle body axis symmetry and its middle part are equipped with the arch, consequently the utility model discloses be convenient for install, be difficult for droing, it is fixed firm.




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