Inulin and sea buckthorn fruit powder mixed solid drink



The invention belongs to the field of foods and particularly relates to an inulin and sea buckthorn fruit powder mixed solid drink. The invention provides a solid drink comprising inulin and sea buckthorn fruit powder for deficiencies in separate utilization of existing sea buckthorn to solve problems of poor mouth feel and absorption by a human body and achieve integration of nutrition and medicinal effects. The inulin and sea buckthorn fruit powder mixed solid drink comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 80-90% of the inulin and 10-20% of the sea buckthorn fruit powder. According to a formula, the inulin and sea buckthorn extract are mixed according to a certain ratio to obtain a healthcare solid food; on one hand, the sea buckthorn can be applied on a large scale, and on the other hand, nutritional effects of the inulin and the sea buckthorn are organically combined; compared with a single product, the inulin cooperates with the sea buckthorn fruit powder, the absorption by the human body is relatively full, and the mouth feel is relatively good.




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