Method for extracting, separating and detecting active ingredients in safflower carthamus medicinal material



The invention relates to a method for extracting, separating and detecting active ingredients in a safflower carthamus medicinal material. The method comprises the following steps: (1) extracting, namely taking the safflower carthamus medicinal material, extracting by using ethanol, concentrating and drying the alcohol extract, adding acid water for hydrolysis; recovering a solvent from the hydrolysate and concentrating; extracting by using ethyl acetate; and concentrating and drying the extracting solution into extract for later use; and (2) separating and purifying, namely taking the extract prepared in the step (1), separating by using a silica gel column, purifying by using a dextrangel LH-20 column, thus obtaining the active ingredients in the safflower carthamus medicinal material. The extraction, separation and detection method provided by the invention has the characteristics of simplicity, feasibility, scientificity and the like.




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