Traditional Chinese medicine for treating insomnia



The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating insomnia. The traditional Chinese medicine comprises the following raw medicines: 30g of Haihe wheat, 30g of concha haliotidis, 30g of tuber fleeceflower stem, 30g of concha margaritiferallsta, 15g of radix paeoniae rubra, 15g of cortex albiziae, 8g of scutellaria baicalensis, 8g of platycladi seed, 8g of salvia miltiorrhiza, 8g of radix ophiopogonis, and 12g of adenophora stricta. The traditional Chinese medicine is low in price, convenient to use, and short in treatment, and greatly avoids relapse; and the recovery rate reaches 87.5%, and the effective rate reaches 95%.




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