Environment-friendly cleaning agent



The invention relates to a cleaning agent of a silicate product and particularly relates to an environment-friendly cleaning agent. The environment-friendly cleaning agent comprises the following components in percent by weight: 0.5%-0.7% of phosphoric acid, 1%-2% of hydrochloric acid, 0.2%-0.4% of oxalic acid, 2%-5% of a reducing agent, 0.1%-0.5% of an adhesive agent and the balance being pure water, wherein the PH value of the environment-friendly cleaning agent is 6-8. According to the environment-friendly cleaning agent, citric acid and sulfosalicylic acid which are iron ion complexing agents with relatively good quality are added in the cleaning agent; when a stone surface with the relatively high iron content is treated, iron rust can be completely removed and stone is not damaged, so that the surface smoothness of the stone is not affected and the effect is relatively good; the adhesive agent and the reducing agent can be used for prolonging retention reaction time of the cleaning agent on the stone surface and reducing use of the reducing agent, so that not only is treatment cost greatly saved, but also the stone surface is not rusted again while being placed in a common atmospheric environment, thereby saving energy and protecting the environment.




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