Method for preparing biological fertilizers from corn soaking liquid



The invention relates to the field of agricultural and sideline product deep processing and particularly discloses a method for preparing biological fertilizers from corn soaking liquid. The method uses the corn soaking liquid as raw materials and is characterized in that the corn soaking liquid is concentrated, then, filter mud and alkali liquor are added for neutralization, the pH is regulated to 5 to 6, the corn soaking liquid is thrown into a mixed pre-fermentation device, crushed protein cake, filter mud and fiber slag are added into the fermentation device, and the pre-fermentation is carried out after the full mixing; then, an anaerobic fermentation device is adopted, biological species are added, and the fermentation is carried out again at 28 to 30 DEG C; and fermented products are added with ingredients, then, the drying, the granulation, the cooling and the screening are carried out, and then, products are obtained. The method has the advantages the environment pollution and the environment protection pressure are lightened, the corn soaking liquid and the filter mud of sugar refineries are effectively treated, new products are also developed, the nutrition and irrigation requirements of local farmers are met, and the effect of getting two results from one effort is reached.




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