Hinge structure and portable electronic device therewith



The invention discloses a hinge structure and a portable electronic device therewith. The hinge structure comprises a fixed base, a control member, a driving member, a follower, a driving elastic member and a main shaft, wherein the fixed base, the control member, the driving member, the follower and the driving elastic member are sleeved on the main shaft, the fixed base unlockably locks the control member and the driving member, a first cam face is provided at the inner side of the fixed base, a second cam face is provided in the driving member, and one end of the follower is provided with a protruding peak which abuts with the second cam face. When the control member and the fixed base are unlocked, the protruding peak of the follower is separated from the second cam face and rotates around the first cam face under the influence of the driving elastic member. The hinge structure and the portable electronic device provided in the invention have a simple structure and are easy to assemble; in addition, compared to a threaded hinge structure, the hinge structure provided in the invention has the advantages of easy processing and convenient operation.




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