Flash interaction method and device based on mobile communication equipment terminal



本发明提供了一种用于移动通讯设备终端的Flash交互处理方法,包括:确定所加载的网页上的Flash元素的特性;根据所确定出的Flash元素的特性,生成Flash处理请求;根据所述Flash处理请求,确定移动通讯设备终端中的Flash lite版本是否需要更新;以及在确定为移动通讯设备终端中的Flash lite版本需要更新时,通过网络下载合适的版本并进行更新。
The invention provides a flash interactive processing method for a mobile communication equipment terminal, which comprises the following steps: determining characteristics of a flash element on a loaded webpage; generating a flash processing request according to the determined characteristics of the flash element; determining whether the flash lite version in the mobile communication equipment terminal needs updating according to the flash processing request; and when determining that the flash lite version in the mobile communication equipment terminal needs updating, downloading a proper version through the network and updating.




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