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CA-2796762-A1: Dispositif et methode de frittage de produits frittes patent, CA-2807002-A1: Circuit de chauffage de batterie patent, CA-2829794-A1: Procedes pour ameliorer la sante osseuse chez des nourrissons utilisant des acides gras polyinsatures a chaine longue (lcpufa) patent, CA-2841229-A1: Carboxylic acid derivatives having an oxazolo[5,4-d]pyridine ring patent, CA-2841957-A1: Balayage de coefficients dans un processus de codage video patent, CA-2842427-A1: System and method for searching for text and displaying found text in augmented reality patent, CA-2855865-A1: Equipment mounting bracket for steel truss patent, CA-2878400-A1: Proteines btnl3, acides nucleiques et anticorps et utilisations associees patent, CA-2887508-A1: Therapie de combinaison avec des anticorps anti-her3 patent, CA-2909328-A1: Procede de stockage de co2 patent, CA-2930326-A1: Methods to distinguish waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia from igm monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance patent, CA-2938709-A1: Methodes, systemes et dispositifs pour implants glenoidiens adaptatifs a planification pre-operatoire patent, CA-2943598-A1: S1p modulator immediate release dosage regimen patent, CA-2945099-A1: Distributeur de liquide et arrangement patent, CA-2970979-A1: Systems and methods for managing usb power delivery patent, CA-2988060-A1: Amorphous calcium carbonate stabilized with polyphosphates or bisphosphonates patent, CA-982370-A: Filler material and process for welding of two iron-carbon alloys patent, CA-994780-A: Olefinic 4-substituted piperidino derivatives patent, CN-100337148-C: Anisotropic conductive rubber film sticking device and method patent, CN-101064934-A: Method and apparatus for realizing network exit in wireless communication network patent, CN-101302139-B: Method for preparing methanol using coal bed gas patent, CN-101307122-A: Light polymerization process for preparing block or graft polymer patent, CN-101322811-A: Chinese medicine for treating epistaxis patent, CN-101353028-A: 活动承载面式汽车 patent, CN-101354477-A: Focusing lens for dual-wavelength OCT system patent, CN-101360222-B: IPTV program generating method and system based on next generation network patent, CN-101393864-A: 去除缺陷膜层及形成氧化硅-氮化硅-氧化硅侧墙的方法 patent, CN-101398589-A: 液晶显示装置 patent, CN-1014827-B: 调频测光法 patent, CN-101498293-A: 燃气动力压缩系统 patent, CN-101511835-A: 吡咯并三嗪激酶抑制剂 patent, CN-101513352-A: 二维阵列超声波探头 patent, CN-101526407-B: Test method and device of variable-paddle bearing friction moment of wind-driven generator and application thereof patent, CN-101543761-B: Method for improving adsorption quantity of high zeolite carbon dioxide patent, CN-101562912-A: 一种安全型家用电热电器 patent, CN-101594251-B: 数字家庭网络系统及其场景模式配置方法 patent, CN-101594259-A: Terminating apparatus management system and an interface device and corresponding method, recording media patent, CN-101685229-A: Method for manufacturing array substrate of liquid crystal display device patent, CN-101688580-A: Method for adjusting a valve capacity in a shock absorber and a shock absorber with adjustable valve capacity. patent, CN-101689140-A: Memory system patent, CN-101698035-A: 一种蒲葵子的抗肿瘤有效组分的制备方法 patent, CN-101714931-A: Early warning method, device and system of unknown malicious code patent, CN-101715296-A: 用于蒸发挥发性物质的片剂和装置 patent, CN-101734094-A: Method for applying pine grain effect imitation antique coating technology onto artificially synthesized material cabinet door patent, CN-101742233-A: 数字电视接收终端漫游的实现方法、中心数据网关及系统 patent, CN-101780189-A: Method for controlling quality of Resina Draconis drug patent, CN-101810880-A: Developable palatal implant material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101868602-B: 衰减装置及燃气轮机燃烧器 patent, CN-101917186-A: Calibration techniques for frequency synthesizers patent, CN-101971398-A: 燃料电池装置和系统 patent, CN-102013607-A: Energy saving lamp holder patent, CN-102110609-A: High-performance semiconductor device and forming method thereof patent, CN-102119572-A: 基站装置以及通信控制方法 patent, CN-102144106-A: Rolling bearing patent, CN-102146812-A: 电力系统原动机及其调速器实测建模方法 patent, CN-102216721-A: 组合冷却系统 patent, CN-102220299-B: 一种阿魏酸酯酶a突变体及其用途 patent, CN-102329219-A: Method for preparing calcium formate coproduced with sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide from chloroform leftovers patent, CN-102465558-A: Water-saving toilet bowl water tank patent, CN-102557484-A: D1364 BT secondary coating on optical fiber patent, CN-102677809-B: Efficient temperature control solar thermal utilization building curtain wall component patent, CN-102720027-A: Tri-power washing machine patent, CN-102732856-B: 立式分批式成膜装置 patent, CN-102783652-A: Preparation method of natural chromium powder sugar-reducing pill patent, CN-102872506-A: 医用安全注射器 patent, CN-102892900-B: 用于分离靶细胞的方法 patent, CN-103240552-A: 一种法兰片及其与管道的焊接工艺 patent, CN-103387376-A: Lightweight building top panel and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-103432225-A: Chinese medicinal preparation used for treating rheumatism patent, CN-103567123-A: 一种平面在线一次喷涂成型生产线 patent, CN-103597933-A: Self-propelled type rice seedling-raising combined machine for greenhouse patent, CN-103652332-A: 一种绿色环保高钙高蛋白鹿用精饲料 patent, CN-103719588-A: 以水草为主料的鸡全价配合饲料 patent, CN-103722794-A: 复合材料和用于制备该复合材料的方法 patent, CN-103772668-A: 一种共聚酯及其制备方法和用途 patent, CN-103836284-A: Quick-release coupling patent, CN-103844036-A: 鲍鱼养殖饲料 patent, CN-104004141-B: 一种聚合物整体柱及其制备方法与在制备酶反应器中的应用 patent, CN-104010766-B: 工具机 patent, CN-104017584-A: 一种灵芝孢子粉培育土壤改良技术方案 patent, CN-104235962-A: Baffle plate type air purifier patent, CN-104273870-A: Cartoon pattern equipped wear-resistant bag difficult to slip patent, CN-104294473-A: 一种保健型羊毛弹力针织面料的生产工艺 patent, CN-104388032-A: 一种耐热性能好固化时间12个月的预应力钢绞线缓粘结剂 patent, CN-104508023-A: Method for manufacturing hard coating film patent, CN-104550113-B: 超声波工件清洗机 patent, CN-104592516-A: 一种加成型硅橡胶增粘剂的制备方法 patent, CN-104655929-B: 一种时域信号的数字时频测量方法及相应的目标识别方法 patent, CN-104671347-A: Ion exchange resin for treating and recovering copper-containing wastewater patent, CN-104908746-B: 用于在滑行期间控制动力总成系统的方法和装置 patent, CN-105015138-A: 具有预定花式外观的植绒布的制造方法 patent, CN-105019252-A: Method for manufacturing high-splashing property polyvinyl chloride architecture membrane patent, CN-105030851-A: 沙棘黄酮在制备增强阿片类药物药效的组合物中的应用 patent, CN-105070922-A: Preparation method of direct ethanol fuel cell catalyst with hollow structure patent, CN-105077934-A: Insulating leakage-proof lunch box patent, CN-105082128-A: 一种能适应各种极端环境的地下探测机器人 patent, CN-105085185-A: 一种制备增塑剂醇的方法 patent, CN-105089436-B: 平开双面共挤型材 patent, CN-105155514-B: 一种路桥建设耐腐蚀填充混凝土圆形管桩 patent, CN-105185548-B: 一种多挡位的干式空心电抗器 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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