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CN-106768747-A: 一种lng船用绝缘箱承压试验装置和试验方法 patent, CN-106771322-A: Electromagnetic type speed sensor signal distortion processing method patent, CN-106772072-A: SOC estimation method and SOC estimation device based on cell characteristic curve patent, CN-106772679-A: Stratigraphic correlation method and device patent, CN-106773342-A: Preparation method of substrate, display panel and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106773392-A: 一种阵列基板及制作方法、曲面液晶显示面板 patent, CN-106775621-A: Method for rapidly starting computer patent, CN-106775872-A: 终端设备控制方法及装置 patent, CN-106777419-A: Shortest-distance-based spacing test results classifying method for use in integrated circuit layout and flat panel display layout patent, CN-106778574-A: 用于人脸图像的检测方法和装置 patent, CN-106778627-A: Method and device for detecting appearance levels of human faces and mobile terminal patent, CN-106780400-A: Image processing method and device patent, CN-106780542-A: Camshift (continuously adaptive mean-shift) robot fish tracking method based on embedded Kalman filter patent, CN-106782004-A: Teaching instrument based on fiber-optic gyroscope patent, CN-106782189-A: 一种高效节能发光装置的使用方法 patent, CN-106784962-A: Quantitative powder filling device patent, CN-106786914-A: Charging module and electronic device patent, CN-106788111-A: 电机控制系统及其的直流母线电压的补偿方法、装置 patent, CN-106788350-A: Work clock signal adjustment device patent, CN-106792868-A: Method and device for obtaining paging number patent, CN-106793135-A: Communication resource scheduling method, terminal equipment and base station equipment patent, CN-106797346-A: 用于在vpn管理服务器处建立vpn连接的方法和系统 patent, CN-106797664-A: Improved channel capacity on collision based channels patent, CN-106798017-A: Cheese preparation method patent, CN-106800065-A: Telescopic-folding bicycle with ball-rolling type two-wheeled center shaft fastening device and mobile saddle patent, CN-106801087-A: 2.1α1 mRNA在野生型小鼠(n=6)、rolling Nagoya(n=5)和leaner mice(n=5)中的表达模式 patent, CN-106801219-A: Horizontal type vacuum film coating production line patent, CN-106801390-A: 一种感应斑马板 patent, CN-106802904-A: Method, device and system for log processing patent, CN-106803848-A: Method and device for managing middle computer in battery test device patent, CN-106804744-A: Mango-lime soybean milk patent, CN-106805523-A: 书座 patent, CN-106805642-A: A water cup prevented from toppling patent, CN-106806145-A: Multifunctional feeding bottle special for infants patent, CN-106809698-A: 一种电缆用张力调整装置 patent, CN-106812142-A: 一种利用废弃轮胎进行边坡生态修复及护坡方法 patent, CN-106813692-A: Infrared sensing device patent, CN-106813717-A: Real-time detection device for soil patent, CN-106813750-A: Particlepowder body material level detection device patent, CN-106818068-A: 玉米撕皮机 patent, CN-106819136-A: Soybean milk cooker with drying function patent, CN-106821191-A: 磁扣连接活动销自锁升降侧轴柱筒拖把射流清洗甩干器 patent, CN-106821224-A: 旋转滑块自锁升降柱筒手压旋转拖把清洗甩干器 patent, CN-106821424-A: Tongue depressor clamping device patent, CN-106824363-A: Device for treating waste of shipbuilding patent, CN-106824978-A: 一种从废冰箱硬泡保温材料中分离回收氟利昂的方法 patent, CN-106825738-A: Shear blade replacing method for double-edge shear patent, CN-106829785-A: 汽压千斤顶 patent, CN-106830515-A: 一种用于化工污水处理的智能管控系统 patent, CN-106835259-A: 一种不锈钢的电解抛光处理方法 patent, CN-106836030-A: Corridor support system for helipad patent, CN-106836193-A: 高等级公路路基现浇基桩 patent, CN-106839270-A: Automatic ventilation control system of laboratory patent, CN-106839978-A: Bearing ring outer wall machining accuracy detection device patent, CN-106840355-A: 水声信号数据采集系统 patent, CN-106840918-A: 基于悬臂板扭转模态测试材料剪切模量的方法 patent, CN-106841001-A: 一种基于储层质量主控因素分析的致密砂岩孔隙度、渗透率预测方法 patent, CN-106841429-A: High-throughput screening method for antibacterial drugs in milk patent, CN-106843494-A: 一种虚拟现实升降模拟体验设备 patent, CN-106846553-A: 一种利用红外电子控制的辅助闭合结构 patent, CN-106848329-A: 一种氢燃料电池双极板结构 patent, CN-106850083-A: Method for inhibiting vibration leakage signal, circuit board and communication equipment patent, CN-106850116-A: 一种基于线性加权最小二乘法的时间同步方法 patent, CN-106853346-A: Agitating device patent, CN-106856769-A: Knapsack type electric fertilizer applicator patent, CN-106857302-A: 一种犬用项圈 patent, CN-106857415-A: Method for obtaining young winged aphids of macrosiphum avenae in rapid and directional mode patent, CN-106857866-A: 优质佳味奶粉配制法 patent, CN-106859074-A: Slidable book stopping rack patent, CN-106860971-A: 一种挂水用药水提醒仪 patent, CN-106863248-A: 气泵用工具箱 patent, CN-106865358-A: 一种紧固型纺织用纱线上蜡机构 patent, CN-106866042-A: 一种复合硅藻泥涂料 patent, CN-106866799-A: 猪瘟病毒配体表位多肽se241及其应用 patent, CN-106867569-A: A recovering device and method for a solvent in an extraction heavy phase of direct coal liquefaction residues patent, CN-106872157-A: 一种重型机床结构件装配应力测试试验平台 patent, CN-106873652-A: 液舱水位调节智能驱动控制器及控制方法 patent, CN-106876583-A: Resistive Random Access Memory patent, CN-106876842-A: 环形谐振器加载单开路枝节的双陷波带通滤波器 patent, CN-106877855-A: 光学式开关键盘 patent, CN-106878570-A: 一种语音业务测试方法及系统 patent, CN-106883237-A: Bis-triazole pentacene quinone compound and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106884535-A: Construction technology of imitated stone material self-leveling waterproof mortar patent, CN-106885393-A: 组合深井热泵装置 patent, CN-106888601-A: 贫瘠土壤改良方法 patent, CN-106888985-A: System for judging health state of pet by monitoring explicit information of pet and method of system patent, CN-106891861-A: 一种电动汽车除霜控制系统及其控制方法 patent, CN-106892211-A: Method for packaging optical film, carrying device, and package for applying the same patent, CN-106893689-A: Recovery and passage method for marine organism cells patent, CN-106894546-A: 直线连接的铝合金混凝土组合剪力墙 patent, CN-106894650-A: Wood-structure beam column mortise and tenon joint reinforcing structure and construction method thereof patent, CN-106897905-A: 用于推送信息的方法、装置及电子设备 patent, CN-106898072-A: 基于物联网的智能锁平台及使用方法 patent, CN-106900125-A: Intelligent lighting control system for multimedia large-scale lecture hall based on wireless local area network (LAN) patent, CN-106905339-A: 一种从连翘叶中提纯连翘苷元的方法 patent, CN-106905376-A: Microporous twenty-core mixed valence state cobalt cluster compound and synthesis method thereof patent, CN-106908146-A: 分光计模块 patent, CN-106910465-A: Light-emitting display device patent, CN-106913166-A: Rotary sushi equipment patent, CN-106913993-A: Novel peg plate rehabilitation therapy device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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