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CN-106608626-A: Method for preparing jujube pit active carbon through phosphoric acid activation patent, CN-106610301-A: Calibration method of ball internal sensor patent, CN-106610411-A: 检测南极磷虾油的过氧化值的方法 patent, CN-106610843-A: 升级处理方法 patent, CN-106614388-A: 一种蚂蜂交配的方法 patent, CN-106615150-A: 固体乳及用于制备固体乳的方法 patent, CN-106615224-A: 一种脂肪酸比例均衡的食用调和油 patent, CN-106616642-A: 脆性魔芋凝胶素食的制备方法 patent, CN-106616946-A: Black fungus in mature vinegar and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106617028-A: 一种辅酶Q<sub>10</sub>胶囊及其制备方法 patent, CN-106617041-A: Special food formula for patient suffered from hypertension and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106617307-A: 一种一体式烟盒 patent, CN-106624845-A: Numerically-controlled machine tool with translation interaction working tables patent, CN-106624889-A: Automobile engine cylinder head milling fixture patent, CN-106624931-A: 一种具有自动对中功能的汽车轮毂夹紧工装 patent, CN-106627738-A: Self-lubricating rack bushing patent, CN-106627964-A: Torque sensor and detecting system for electric bicycle patent, CN-106628210-A: Unmanned aerial vehicle falling prevention device patent, CN-106638933-A: Detachable green terrace with garden carrier and manufacturing method of terrace patent, CN-106639348-A: Purline reinforcing structure patent, CN-106642540-A: Air-conditioning heat exchanger self-cleaning method patent, CN-106643476-A: 参考镜偏摆装置 patent, CN-106646430-A: 一种基于地面探测器的激光足印中心确定方法 patent, CN-106647863-A: Temperature control system for oven patent, CN-106648941-A: 飞控嵌入式计算机性能测评方法 patent, CN-106649061-A: 一种记录用户在web系统中的操作日志的方法与设备 patent, CN-106650876-A: Half-duplex RFID oscillation maintaining circuit by generating pulses through trigger patent, CN-106651933-A: Improved texture feature extraction algorithm based on Radon transform patent, CN-106655695-A: 一种线性振动马达 patent, CN-106656051-A: Frequency modulation demodulator circuit with self-calibration patent, CN-106656900-A: Multichannel communication receiving system and communication method thereof patent, CN-106656986-A: 一种生物特征鉴权的方法及装置 patent, CN-106657128-A: Data packet filtering method and device based on wildcard mask rule patent, CN-106657702-A: 一种高速双通道计算机调制解调装置 patent, CN-106663645-A: Coaxial structure for transmission of signals in test equipment patent, CN-106665916-A: Novel tea making method patent, CN-106670530-A: Gear mark hole drilling machine patent, CN-106674383-A: 一种快速、高效生产菊粉的工业化方法 patent, CN-106675163-A: 包装机用油墨清洗化合物 patent, CN-106676767-A: Bind-off-machine presser foot for feeding shoulder strap patent, CN-106677390-A: Semi-implicit frame aspiratory curtain wall patent, CN-106677894-A: Novel valve deck assembly of turbocharger patent, CN-106679115-A: 空气处理设备控制装置、方法和系统 patent, CN-106681254-A: 一种智能化远程充气柜监控系统 patent, CN-106683109-A: SAR image segmentation method based on semantic condition random field model patent, CN-106683343-A: 疲劳驾驶的预警方法及装置 patent, CN-106683638-A: 调节屏幕的方法及装置 patent, CN-106688725-A: Preventive pesticide for grape anthracnose patent, CN-106690357-A: 用于黄豆的清洗装置 patent, CN-106690564-A: 柔软立体口罩 patent, CN-106695333-A: 一种多工位自动打孔攻丝装置 patent, CN-106697727-A: 一种输送带用整体带芯 patent, CN-106701939-A: Cytosine methylation excavation method patent, CN-106702065-A: Novel system and novel method for preparing sponge iron through gas-based shaft kiln patent, CN-106703040-A: Assembly type balance beam foundation pit supporting system patent, CN-106705957-A: Navigation system capable of reducing loss caused by flood disasters by use of hydrological data patent, CN-106706038-A: 一种分析工艺参数对薄膜结构和性能影响机理的方法 patent, CN-106706627-A: 原血红素和β‑葡萄糖醛酸苷酶联合在鼻咽部上皮细胞异质性增生检测中的应用及试剂盒 patent, CN-106706684-A: 一种用于ct扫描的岩心夹持器 patent, CN-106708427-A: 一种适用于键值对数据的存储方法 patent, CN-106709904-A: High-value target subtle change detection method based on active vision patent, CN-106712362-A: Water-cooled permanent magnet motor with fixing device patent, CN-106713362-A: Method for realizing security investigation of WiFi network access patent, CN-106715174-A: 天窗装置的导向器构造 patent, CN-106716504-A: 排队系统 patent, CN-106717063-A: User equipment and cell switching method patent, CN-106717599-A: Reciprocating material feeding mechanism and bundling machine patent, CN-106719083-A: Guiding device for poultry egg collection patent, CN-106720435-A: Curdling method for production of soybean milk product patent, CN-106730387-A: Novel ultraviolet phototherapy instrument patent, CN-106730801-A: Intelligence promotion study picture puzzle plates patent, CN-106731035-A: 一种医药生产用消泡剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106731092-A: 一种抽滤瓶具有排液功能的真空抽滤设备 patent, CN-106732864-A: Laboratory multifunctional automatic lifting table patent, CN-106733895-A: Inner support structure of ultrasonic cleaner patent, CN-106736128-A: 一种叉条前轮同心焊接装置 patent, CN-106736148-A: 三轮摩托车的电气件安装支架焊接定位工装 patent, CN-106737187-A: 石油装备加工用夹持装置 patent, CN-106737404-A: 一种涡旋干泵装配工具及其装配方法 patent, CN-106738224-A: 扭王字块成型模具 patent, CN-106738315-A: 一种高效搅拌机 patent, CN-106742744-A: Cushion and packing combination patent, CN-106745994-A: 一种饮用水深度处理复合滤料及其应用 patent, CN-106747745-A: 一种有机肥翻抛机 patent, CN-106748007-A: Green chemical fertilizer additive patent, CN-106748160-A: 一种保水肥料增效剂 patent, CN-106749749-A: 一种高粘度燕麦β‑葡聚糖的制备方法 patent, CN-106754300-A: 医疗接种针 patent, CN-106755175-A: 采用超高压辅助生物酶解提取蕨麻多糖的方法 patent, CN-106755229-A: Preparation method of enzymatic hydrolysis peptide by schizochytrium meal patent, CN-106755319-A: Methylated DNA detection method patent, CN-106758894-A: Cushion block structure for corrugated pipe culvert wedge portion patent, CN-106760259-A: Portable sleeve patent, CN-106763458-A: 双头冲击吸收装置 patent, CN-106763688-A: Single-stage high speed reducer with oil spraying lubrication and cooling function patent, CN-106763739-A: 一种新型换挡机构 patent, CN-106765386-A: Kitchen ventilator control method patent, CN-106766651-A: Temperature controller for refrigerator patent, CN-106768235-A: 一种提高整车连续跟车计重设备精度的方法和高精度整车连续跟车称重实现方法及系统 patent, CN-106768255-A: 一种称重传感器零点漂移补偿方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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