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CN-106327868-A: Road congestion analysis method based on state of traffic flow detection equipment patent, CN-106329626-A: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) photovoltaic charging control system patent, CN-106330171-A: 基于负压检测和带隙基准的正负压动态偏置电平位移电路 patent, CN-106330673-A: Method, server and system for creating discussion group based on pet information patent, CN-106337682-A: 页岩储层脆性评价方法 patent, CN-106337865-A: Holding element and function assembly with same patent, CN-106338166-A: 一种智能冷媒加注和回收装置 patent, CN-106338409-A: 一种隧道底部结构受力状态精确模拟室内试验装置 patent, CN-106338686-A: Motor centrifugal switch durability test device and test method patent, CN-106339682-A: Fingerprint identification display panel and fingerprint identification display device patent, CN-106339819-A: 一种智慧能源管理系统公共平台 patent, CN-106341749-A: 普适型耳机收纳保护装置 patent, CN-106342305-B: 一种面向多任务要求的测试性指标确定方法 patent, CN-106352753-A: Detection fixture for die-casting fitting hole site of the gearbox housing patent, CN-106352994-A: 一种数字式快速测温系统 patent, CN-106354343-A: Projector and method of controlling projector patent, CN-106354997-A: Case library based oil refining process fuzzy matching adjustment and optimization method patent, CN-106356606-A: Miniaturized phase shifting equalizer based on Wilkinson power divider patent, CN-106357480-A: Method and device for monitoring network performance of application and mobile terminal patent, CN-106358424-A: 一种含有静态混合器的水冷散热器 patent, CN-106358745-A: 一种高产油大黄豆的种植方法 patent, CN-106358839-A: 环保育苗盘及其制备方法 patent, CN-106360072-A: Feed for meat geese patent, CN-106364460-A: 一种高温高压清洗机 patent, CN-106364698-A: 一种大型家具园区用飞行器蒙皮的更换方法 patent, CN-106367494-A: Method for resisting product pollution through one-step RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) amplification of kit patent, CN-106368644-A: Underwater connector for offshore drilling patent, CN-106370707-A: 电化学试片及生产此试片的试片母板与方法 patent, CN-106370714-A: 一种基于移动终端的循环伏安法生化检测装置及方法 patent, CN-106371902-A: 基于备份运行时间约束将虚拟机放置到服务器上的系统 patent, CN-106372117-A: Word co-occurrence-based text classification method and apparatus patent, CN-106372177-A: Query expansion method supporting correlated query and fuzzy grouping of mixed data type patent, CN-106372616-A: Face identification method and apparatus, and terminal device patent, CN-106372664-A: Picture aggregation method and device patent, CN-106372898-A: 移动通信装置及云计算机系统 patent, CN-106373260-A: 纸币路径导向机构 patent, CN-106373280-A: 一种具有电容触摸按钮的新型智能燃气表 patent, CN-106373964-A: 半导体存储装置及其制造方法 patent, CN-106374068-A: Latching mechanism for a battery pack patent, CN-106375104-A: Method of recognizing key point of power communication network patent, CN-106375893-A: Earmuff type earphone patent, CN-106379732-A: 具有间歇送料机构的配浆池 patent, CN-106382344-A: 一种新型拉边杆同步带张紧机构 patent, CN-106383762-A: 一种用于dram控制器的验证方法 patent, CN-106384010-A: Method used for determining optimal inventory remaining amount before medical consumable purchase patent, CN-106384022-A: 出行行为预测方法及装置 patent, CN-106384071-A: 一种二维码扫描识别处理方法及装置 patent, CN-106384532-A: 视频数据分析方法、装置以及停车位监控系统 patent, CN-106392056-A: Casting mold preheating device patent, CN-106392435-A: Production clamp for generator set and assembling technology of production clamp patent, CN-106392545-A: 电磁阀部分组装机的螺帽上料旋转单元 patent, CN-106395093-A: 一种带导流口的桶 patent, CN-106395094-A: Barrel with water faucet patent, CN-106396433-A: Method for installing vertical double-beam kiln shell patent, CN-106398655-A: Nonaqueous antifreezing solution and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106401864-A: Shell rotation cycloid hydraulic motor patent, CN-106403775-A: Equipment used for detecting diameters of balls on bearing patent, CN-106403893-A: Multi-senor control system of tunnel inspection vehicle patent, CN-106411187-A: Electric tool and control method of brushless motor patent, CN-106413293-A: 粘结片的使用方法 patent, CN-106413490-A: A grinding device for grindable products patent, CN-106414655-A: 热循环用工作介质、热循环系统用组合物以及热循环系统 patent, CN-106415165-A: 冰箱 patent, CN-106416917-A: Method for planting osmanthus fragrans patent, CN-106417046-A: 一种便于冲洗的母猪产床漏粪板 patent, CN-106419672-A: Chopping board patent, CN-106419905-A: 组合式开合电极 patent, CN-106425152-A: 具有更薄护套以提高沉积速率的管状焊丝 patent, CN-106425426-A: 一种拧紧机 patent, CN-106427452-A: Load disturbance delaying and aerating and de-aerating coordination control method for electronic control pneumatic suspension patent, CN-106428228-A: 车辆仪表板安装支架结构 patent, CN-106430684-A: 一种含煤废水处理的方法 patent, CN-106431014-A: Glass fiber impregnating compound for woven roving and preparation method of glass fiber impregnating compound patent, CN-106432152-A: Synthesis method of intermediate butanedioic anhydride of pyridazinones medicine patent, CN-106434097-A: Vinasse cooler patent, CN-106436062-A: 一种嵌入式缝纫机用卷边装置 patent, CN-106440217-A: 空调器的节能控制方法及装置、空调器 patent, CN-106442451-A: Evaluation device of radiation injury based on micro-fluidic chip and evaluation method thereof patent, CN-106443424-A: Phase-generation-circuit-equipped test equipment for detecting electric leakage circuit breaker patent, CN-106443566-A: Big data deduction based electric energy metering device error detection method and system patent, CN-106445037-A: Partial immersion type liquid cooling server cooling system patent, CN-106446530-A: Human body motion thermal physiology-based simulation risk assessment method and system patent, CN-106446842-A: 指纹模组组件、及其加工方法、及具有其的终端 patent, CN-106447038-A: 脉冲神经电路 patent, CN-106447414-A: 云平台及基于云平台的电子发票开具系统 patent, CN-106447708-A: 一种oct眼底图像数据配准方法 patent, CN-106447834-A: 基于手机客户端的出入认证控制系统 patent, CN-106450757-A: Antenna system with automatic adjustable pointing direction antenna structure and method thereof patent, CN-106453873-A: Information prompting method and device patent, CN-106456154-A: 两部件式无结缝线锚 patent, CN-106461716-A: 具有集成的传感器的模块 patent, CN-106468905-A: Automatic control system for emulsifier production line patent, CN-106469235-A: Integrated circuit method and integrated circuit design system patent, CN-106469572-A: Semiconductor device and semiconductor system patent, CN-106470249-A: Gateway-whois domain name registering check method and apparatus patent, CN-106475365-A: Carbon powder pipeline dredging device patent, CN-106476529-A: Vibration Damping Apparatus For Automobile Wheel patent, CN-106476585-A: 一种锁紧装置汽车罩 patent, CN-106477235-A: Highly wear-resistant conveying belt patent, CN-106479799-A: 一种采用根霉曲和红曲发酵酿酒的工艺技术方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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